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Simption Tech Pvt Ltd


A well advanced Library has been set up in the school with the books of various subjects. All students can easily avail the books for their personal reading and increase their knowledge and General Knowledge.

Books play a vital role in our life. They are the quietest friend and wisest teacher. It is the most adaptable invention for conveying knowledge and information from the older generation to the younger one. As a member of the modern society we all are aware of its varied needs. To bring children and books together, children have to experience the pleasure of reading and there is a need for promoting reading habit as a skill among them. Once they are hooked to books, they will never in their life feel lonely, because they will always have the great mind and heart of authors, biographers, novelists, dramatist and poets as their companions.


The school's sporting activities consist of cricket, football, badminton, Chess and indoor games. Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum and every oppertunity is given to the boys & girls to take an active part in games, as games develop character.

Sports and games empower students and promote higher self esteem. It also motivates students, and enables them to develop their social and physical skills. Students learn to adapt to different situations. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Rightly said so that education without activities is always incomplete. Education is the car and Sports is the key to drive on towards the success.

The existing training facilities in sports have been upgraded and expanded which will help the students to develop team spirit, respect and follow the rules of games thus framing them into citizens of principles.

Simption Tech Pvt Ltd
Simption Tech Pvt Ltd

Computer Lab

Computer has become an integral part of our life. It now finds its use in every aspect of human existence. Soon a time will come when every man on this planet will need to be a computer savvy to be able to stay one step ahead in this competitive world. The above requirement can be fulfilled at a place known as computer lab. Where we can do handon practical to learn and understand the concepts and logics of various software's in efficient manner. Without a lab, a person will only have theoretical knowledge not practical and in todays world practicals are more important than theory. So it is well said that the lab is a workshop to develop our brains.


The School has well equipped laboratories for science. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories. Lab activities are the part of the syllabus from middle & high school classes.

The school provides well equipped Maths laboratory and it is working under the supervision of mathematics teachers. Practicals are being conducted from primary classes.

Simption Tech Pvt Ltd
Simption Tech Pvt Ltd


Big & Grand school Campus situated in the heart of the city. The campus has huge open spaces to conduct various activities of school.

Well-furnished class-rooms. Stimulating environment for teaching learning. The institute is having well-equipped, lighted, airy, spacious class-rooms with modern facilities for all courses.